Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wyatt and Madisyn's Baptism

I can't hardly begin to express how wonderful it felt last night watching Wyatt and Madisyn finally have the opportunity to give themselves to Christ and be baptized. They have both been talking about this for a year or two now and seemed now was the perfect time. It was something that they wanted to do together and they wanted to make sure everyone could be there if at all possible. So, last night was a very special night for all our families as we shared this special moment with Wyatt and Madisyn.

A hug from Uncle Matt

A very special hug from mamaw Wade

Marcus and Millie Britton and Madisyn

Papaw Wade shares a closing prayer

Terri Christenberry serves them their first communion

Wyatt and Madisyn enjoying this moment!!

Madisyn and Uncle Adam

Wyatt was a "little" excited!! HaHa


Susie said...

That must be the best feeling knowing your children have given their hearts to Jesus! How exciting!

Susan Warren said...

Congratulations to Wyatt and Madisyn!